At Your Forever Home, Dr. Marcello empathetically cares for her clients throughout the entire process. She is there to answer questions and address concerns as they arise. Her chief aim is to take the stress out of the transition process for all parties involved, including clients, family members and caregivers.

Frequently Asked Questions when considering custom accessibility remodeling solutions:

Where do I start?
Talking with an expert in accessible remodeling, such as an Occupational Therapist, is a great place to start to get information and ideas for how to adapt your home to your specific needs. Your Forever Home is an excellent resource for the entirety of your project.

How much will it cost?
Cost varies depending on the size and scope of the project.

How will I pay for it?
While Dr. Marcello does not provide direct funding, she is able to assist with finding potential sources of funding or financial assistance.

Whom should I trust?

Each contractor that Dr. Marcello works with undergoes an extensive vetting process that includes recommendations, reviews, past work history and BBB ratings. She selects contractors who are collaborative rather than directive.

How do I know if the job is done correctly?
Having the Occupational Therapist professional’s supervision throughout the entire process is essential to ensure that all recommendations are implemented as agreed upon and as needed for each client. Dr. Marcello provides training with any new equipment to guarantee that everything works as anticipated (e.g. grab bar is in the correct place for your height).

Will changes be ready when my loved one returns home?
The best effort is made to have projects completed before the client returns home.

My loved one needs modifications, but they don’t own their home/apartment.  Can anything be done?
There are many changes that can be made to a rental property that a landlord may allow. It does take some creative planning, but Dr. Marcello can provide many options for you and your loved one.

How can I juggle my own responsibilities with caring for my loved one?
Dr. Marcello’s role is to help ease the burden of preparing for a loved one to come home.

How do I make these decisions if I live far away?
What sets Your Forever Home apart is that Dr. Marcello is more like a family member;she walks right alongside you each step of the way regardless of your proximity and location.

My loved one needs modifications, but they refuse to have their home look like a hospital.  What can I do?
There are many options available to provide stylish and effective changes without making your home look like a hospital or nursing home.  Dr. Marcello places your preferences into the residential design plan and can make recommendations that fit with your home’s décor and your lifestyle.